Lacoste Men

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How do you get the logo off Lacoste men polos so you look less cocky?

I have a bunch b/c I like the light fabric, but my friends in college say wearing that logo is ostentatious and makes people look like pretentious douchebag posers. Is there a way to cut the logo off without ruining the shirts? Is what they are saying reasonable?…I don’t see how wearing a relatively cheap ($70 compared to brands other premium brands at $200+) and common polo makes you a showoff.

just buy a new polo, not name branded like lacoste. Those are pretty expensive for the common person. In addition, even if it does make you seem like a show off, you know the truth and if you show people the real you, they will know that it’s just a shirt you wear, not your attitude.

Lacoste Men

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