Klein Perfume Perfume for Women

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Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume for women?

I just bought this Perfume, Calvin Klein Euphoria, for my girlfriend as a surprise but I’m afraid its smells to much like something an old woman would wear…she is 17…perhaps its just her style to have a woody, musky perfume. another scent she likes is Chance by Chanel.

OMG KEEP IT. I’m 18 and I wear it a lot, I always get compliments. It isn’t too old. I thought it was at first, I admit, but unless it’s something like White Diamonds (ew) perfume sometimes doesn’t have an age. I bought Euphoria because it smells like this perfume I bought four years ago while I was in Switzerland…I can’t seem to find it but Euphoria is the closest I’ve got. It’s so rich…and woodsy…and has a hint of honey or something, idk, but I love it. She’ll appreciate it!

Klein Perfume Perfume For Women
Klein Perfume Perfume For Women

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