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How should a 13 year old shave?

I’m 13 years old and im kinda sexy but I started growing facial hair a few months ago so im gonna start shaving. I’ve watched gillette video guides on youtube and my dad can do it with his eyes closed, so is gillette fusion any good and should I get regular or power razor (only £1 difference). Also which products should I use with a neutral scent coz I wear Calvin Klein EDT. Thxx.

i started shaving at 15, even though i did have facial hair, theres nor much point if you have barely any.
also, saying that your sexy gives you no attention, probably less.

i recommend personally them vibration razor things. like gillete fusion power.
although any razor wil do.

you aked how you do it.
well, fll ya sink up with warm water, then wet your face with it, then apply shaving foam evely, and then shave in an up ward direction.
every once in a while dip the razor in the water, to get rid off hair and foam.
when ya finished, splash you face with water, to get rid of hair and excessive foam, and then pat try with a towel, and then apply moisteriser or aftershave.

ask ur dad about the fiddily bits, or find out ya self.

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