Klein Eau De Toilette

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Do designer’s eau de toilette like Dior’s, Calvin Klein’s, Paco Rabanne’s etc. have an expiry date?

I haven’t used two, one since 2006 and one since 1997. Is it safe to use them now?

All perfumes, as they are spirit or alcohol based, have a shelf-life dictated by where and how they are stored. Keep them in their box, in a cool place, and you will get maximum use of three to five years. I have some perfumes which are 30 years old. The scent tends to intensify as the alcohol evaporates, even just by opening the bottle.
The reason manufacturers don’t put an expiry date on the botle is that they want to encourage people to use the products quickly: if you knew your Chanel would last ten years if stored properly, you’d use it more sparingly and maybe buy less, or experiment more.

Of course it is safe to use these products now. If the perfume/scent is to strong, spray it into the air then walk through it, or spray it onto you clothing:this is more delicate and suggestive, and you don’t smell like a perfume counter.

If you are still not happy with the scent, try obtaining rose-water or a similar classic scent, like elderflower or orange-water, and dabbing it with cottom wool on your skin before applying the perfume. It gives it more depth.

I am writing this as a guy with eczema, so I want to use touches of after-shave or eau-de-toilette very carefully.

Remember you can also make your own perfumes by growing herbs and flowers, and you can get musk-type scents from all kinds of sandal-wood and roots. Cinammon is beautiful for women and men: you end up smelling good enough to eat.

I used herbs and vanilla in one perfume made at home: make you own in small amount and you will be original and not have unused stuff on your shelves.

Klein Eau de Toilette
Klein Eau de Toilette

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