Kenzo Summer

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Isn’t an orange checked-tie suitable for summer?

Yesterday, I bought a Kenzo orange checked tie.
I usually wear blue, sky blue, pink or silver-coloured ties in spring and summer.
But I’ve never worn an orange tie in summer.
And the sales woman said an orange tie would be suitable for spring and autumn – not summer.
What do you think of that?
I always wear suits and ties in every season.
I’d like to wear a black or navy blue suit, a whiet shirt and an orange tie in summer.
Whoever has a good sense of fashion – please tell me.
Shall I exchange it for another colour?

Salespeople are not always to be trusted. Now, a deep pumpkin orange would indeed suggest the harvest season to me. A lighter orange, however, would be perfectly summery.

Kenzo Summer
Kenzo Summer

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