Kenzo Fragrance

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This limited edition range from Kenzo was launched at 2008. Deciding to try, I went to Sarinah department store this afternoon and encountered the three of them was sprayed to passerby by the seller. I hardly purchased this, though, the price is USD 50 for 100ml bottle.

I managed to try two from the series.

The first one is Eau de Fleur de Magnolia, created by Francis Kurkdjian. It is a beautiful, refreshing, fresh composition made by a mix of magnolia flower and citrus. The resemblance of L’eau par Kenzo is inevitable, yet this one maintains its originality by the addition of luscious magnolia flower. I am very impressed as this will fit into my daily life easily (between public bus honking their horn and polluted air).

Comes the second collection, Eau de Fleur de Thé, created by Aurelien Guichard. Now this is a green tea minus its sharp notes. In fact, this is green tea added by an overdosed musk, resulting a sweet green tea, like inhaling the musky raw tea leaves. I do not like this, sorry for being personal. To me, the real green tea must be like a sharp Elizabeth Arden Green Tea or Bvlgari au Thé Vert. This Eau de Fleur de Thé is somewhat smells too sweet, too musky, too cheap. Its notes are known widespread by many other perfumes before, including low price ones.

The third one is Eau de Fleur de Soie, and was created by Jean Jacques. From the three, this one whose box I most like, especially the pink drawing. Unfortunately, it is also the one I managed not to be spritzed by. Such a regret, with the thought of oh-another-boring-fruity-floral-fragrance, I ran away instead of checking its scent. Eau de Fleur de Soie is composed of silk blossom and fruity notes. Perhaps, someday I’ll get back and check this out.

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Kenzo Fragrance
Kenzo Fragrance

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