Kenzo Eau De Parfum

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Kenzo Perfume – Various Natural Scents Available

Author: Gen Wright

The Kenzo line of fragrances offers high quality, high end perfumes that utilize excellent, natural ingredients. The use of the best scents possible allow for long lasting, more than worth the money perfumes that provide pleasure to the wearer and all those around her.

Unlike many of high end fragrances, the Kenzo line tells the tale of a fresh and beautiful garden. The natural elements of fruit, floral and cool water are blended to provide perfume ranging from a light touch of scent to a powerful compliment to the feminine nature. These unique, modern scents seek to provide the most flattering portrayal of a woman’s personality by drawing on specific elements and coupling them with the perfect natural ingredient.

L’eau Par Kenzo is a cool, fresh scent based upon the most fundamental perceptions of water: purity, clarity and simplicity. This perfume couples soft, cool scents such as mint and vanilla with the extremely feminine water lily. By combining these scents, L’eau Par Kenzo creates an innocent, feminine fragrance that is never too strong and maintains its elegance throughout the day. This honest, simple scent is best for young women with plenty of confidence and surety of the future.

A step beyond the watery fragrance of L’eau Par Kenzo, Kenzo Parfum D’ete is a light reflection of feminine charms. It maintains the gentle honesty of lily, while incorporating the power of jasmine and peony. The fragrance is mellowed by sweet, fruity hints of peach and lotus. This perfume is a bit heavier than its water inspired sister, but goes on light and stays alluring, rather than overpowering. Kenzo Parfum D’ete is the ideal scent for a woman who is strong, self-assured and unashamed of her sophistication.

Flower by Kenzo is the epitome of floral perfection in perfume form. By combining gentle florals such as rose and violet with the heady scent of musk, Flower by Kenzo offers a unique feminine experience to showcase modern feminine independence. The perfume is expertly finished with pure vanilla, to evoke womanhood and sensuality without seeming contrived. This fragrance is perfect for powerful, outgoing women who want to express their softer, more natural elements.

Kenzo’s line of feminine scents extend beyond the three outlined here. They include the natural ideal of perfect pairings and simple compliments. By seeking natural inspiration, Kenzo has created feminine perfumes that are able to be both subdued and enticing from day to evening. Because these scents are evocative of natural settings, they can be applied to nearly any occasion and event without seeming out of place.

The soft, uncomplicated perfumes by Kenzo are designed to appeal to any woman who wants to give herself the best nature has to offer. These scents provide the opportunity for the modern woman, whether in a large city or small town, to capture the beautiful scents of nature and make them her own.
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Kenzo Eau De Parfum
Kenzo Eau De Parfum

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