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Even if you’re wearing your old favorite pair of jeans and a sweatshirt to walk the dog a whiff of Chanel perfume will create an impression of sophistication and elegance. Your fellow dog walkers will immediately identify you as that woman with a bit of class, even if your dog is an mongrel.

More importantly, and this is what perfume does better than anything, it will lift your mood. The routine chores, the grey winter day will all melt away. Chanel perfume performs that trick best of all.

The most famous Chanel perfume is Chanel No 5. It was invented by the perfumer Ernst Beaux. Fashioner designer Coco Chanel commissioned him to blend six fragrances and she chose number five. Hence the name.

Chanel No 5 was intended to be the most expensive perfume in the world. The price came from the amount of jasmine it contained. It still contains jasmine but it’s out priced by a lot of other brands these days. But nothing beats the famous scent of Chanel No 5.

Coco Chanel used to spray Chanel perfume around her fitting rooms. It’s a trick that fashion houses still use because it lifts the mood of the client.

When asked what she wore in bed at night, Marilyn Monroe is reputed to said, “Why, Chanel No 5, of course.” Her endorsement of Chanel perfume made it a best seller worldwide.

Chanel’s image has been updated by the endorsement of younger actresses and models. Nicole Kidman and Kate Moss have been the face of Chanel for a while. They were followed by the actress Keira Knighley. It was her natural flaws that attracted the Chanel perfume people to her.

Chanel perfume is so distinctive it can be sold without even a shot of the bottle on the advertisements. Its adverts are tiny films designed to flatter the actress as much as the product.

Chanel perfumes are an acquired taste. You need to test them before you buy. some will suit you, some won’t, and one will be the ideal fragrance for you.

If you find Chanel No 5 too heavy and distinctive then try one of the other Chanel perfumes. Chanel Chance has a younger, lighter fragrance. It is sweet and floral, yet spicy at the same time.

Coco Mademoiselle and Coco have similar names but these two Chanel perfumes are entirely different from one another. Coco Mademoiselle, or CM as its afficanados call it, has a very 21st century feel to it. It’s based on Coco Chanel’s principle that less is more. It’s a kind of stripped down version of Coco perfume. They were both made by the same perfumer, Jacques Polge.

The problem as with all Chanel perfumes is the price. The answer is to test them in your local store then buy them at the duty free when you travel or drop some subtle hints at Christmas and birthdays.

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Kate Moss Perfumes
Kate Moss Perfumes

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