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DKNY Perfume – Donna Karan and Her Famous Perfumes

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Donna Karan is a well-known fashion designer and creator and owner of the DKNY (Donna Karan New York) fashion brand as well as DKNY perfume line. Her birth place is Forest Hills located in New York, USA and she was born on the 2nd October, 1948. She started her illustrious career by working for Anne Klein and ultimately led Anne Klein’s design team until 1989. She created the renowned “Seven Easy Pieces” Essentials line for women. Today her Essentials line consists of more than 200 pieces.

The first DKNY perfume for women was launched in 1992 by Donna Karan. The limited edition Donna Karan Eau De Parfum was accepted very well by the public and it became an instant hit and one of the best selling perfumes of that year. It has a sexy fragrance that includes strong notes of peach, pineapple, neroli, green notes, bergamot and apricot accompanied by mild floral notes of cassia, jasmine, orchid, carnations, lily and rose, ylang-ylang ? the fragrant flower of a tropical tree with amber notes, cedar, Tonka beans, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, benzoic, citruses, patchouli, suede and incense.

The first male DKNY perfume called DKNY Men was launched in 1994 along with a new fragrance for women called Donna Karan Cashmere.

An exotic and exceptional DKNY perfume named Chaos was launched in 1996. It is now re-launched by Bergdorf Goodman. Chaos has an oriental fragrance which has the mixture of notes of cinnamon, coriander, carnations, chamomile, musk, saffron and sandal. This DKNY perfume is quite strong with a unique fragrance of precious woods, spices and rare herbs. Though it is fairly costly, but is a delight to possess.

Another classic DKNY perfume by Donna Karan is Black Cashmere. It has a distinct smoky fragrance and is certainly is unique in its class. The fragrance has a blend of spicy notes of carnations, saffron, white and red pepper with notes of varied African trees and patchouli.

A new version of DKNY MEN, the famous DKNY perfume for men, was launched in 2000. Its fragrance includes top notes of mandarin orange and ginger, middle floral notes of juniper and ivy and the base notes of precious woods like maple and sandalwood. The fragrance is masculine but is still soft. A limited edition DKNY Red Delicious, cologne for men, was launched in the year 2006. It has a woody fragrance.

Another DKNY perfume for women called Donna Karan Gold was released in 2006. It has gold and white bottle which is quite impressive. The fragrance has the notes of Casablanca and lily and it smells graceful and luxurious. It is just the thing to wear on special events.

Some of the latest DKNY perfumes that were introduced in 2008 include DKNY Be Delicious Art Men, Delicious Night, Be Delicious Kisses, Be Delicious Red Art for Men and Women, Delicious Night, Be Delicious Charmingly Delicious, Donna Karan Gold Sparkling and DKNY Summer.

New DKNY perfumes launched in 2009 are Be Delicious Blossom, DKNY Men 2009 and DKNY Women Summer. Be Delicious Fresh Blossom, the latest of the lot, is an ideal perfume for spring. This fragrance includes notes of jasmine, rose and grapefruit.

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Karan Dkny Perfume
Karan Dkny Perfume

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