Jovan Musk Perfume

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whats the difference between a cologne and a deodarant? a cologne the same as a perfume?is JOVAN musk good

Deodorants are sticky sticks or goo that you put on your armpits to overpower your natural body odors by creating an opposing scent.

Colognes are liquids you spray on your wrist or neck or body parts, and complement your skin and natural odors – do you see the difference? Cologne is meant to be very subtle and used in small dose, and is not meant to overpower, but to add a hint of scent to the air around you, whereas deodorant is not meant to be smelled at all, it is merely there to cover up or fight the bad body smells.

Pure perfume is pretty much the same idea as cologne, but it is made exclusively for women, and has no alcohol. (Eau de toilet is perfume or cologne WITH alcohol). Perfume tends to be a very sweet scent, as opposed to cologne, which often has a lot of complex musk.

Jovan Musk is considered cheap – available at WalMart. You can probably do better by researching good quality or fashion colognes. You might go to a nice department store like Neimann-Marcus or Bloomingdale’s and check out the samples.

Another thing to do is buy a wide variety of cheap cologne samples from eBay. These work great.

Jovan Musk Perfume
Jovan Musk Perfume

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