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Jil Sander – German Fashion

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Though considered as the Queen of German Fashion, Jil Sander is one popular designer who caters to international fashion designs. The products she sells all carry an international touch, and although her company is nestled beautifully in the northern part of the German city, Hamburg, the clothes and fragrances she markets are all manufactured in Milan, Italy.

Jil Sander was born in Wesselburen, Germany on November 27, 1943. She entered the fashion industry when she started working as a fashion journalist at McCall’s in Los Angeles, as well as for two other magazines in the city, Constanze and Petra. She became a fashion designer in 1968 when she opened her own boutique, then selling a collection of women’s wear.

During the early years of her being a clothing designer, Jil Sander was favored much for her delicate fabrics. Her design was compared to the 1920’s Bauhaus architecture, but she also crafted lines of simple cuttings. She was able to enrich her collection though when she started adding some coordinates to her own pieces. This is where the collection of delicate colors, shapes, and fabrics, all designed for women, came in.

In 1978, Jil Sander opened her first ever perfume boutique under the name Jil Sander GmbH. Fragrances and cosmetics of high quality were introduced to the market through this trademark, and it is worth knowing that since the year of its inception, all products were able to hit the market with positive reviews and testimonials from all sides.

True to what Sander guarantees, all her fragrances and cosmetics carry a delicate quality that most people consider as unmatched. She marketed her own lines of perfume by showing an advertising campaign with her face featured prominently on the products’ cover.

The clothing, cosmetic, and later, the eyeglasses and lenses collection of Jil Sander were finally brought to Milan when she decided to expand her coverage to attract the international market. She brought her name to North America, as well as to Asia using her own capital.

It was in 1993 when she opened her own store in Paris, showing her collections of delicate items on the building’s four floors. She joined with Puma, and the two successfully launched their sneakers collection.

Jil Sander handles her own business by herself. She took care of the designing process down to the selection of fabrics. The quality control of her own garments is even handled with her own approval, and to further make sure that everything is done perfectly, she involves herself in the surveillance of her own marketing products and accessories.

Unlike other international fashion designers, the Jil Sander house of fashion is known for its strict behavioral rules that each of her personnel has been maintaining. The sales persons of each of Sander’s branches are positioned in the boutique meticulously.

With all the interests and efforts exerted into her own business, Jil Sander was able to manage her own company until the 21st century. Her success continues until today, but unlike before, Prada is now part of their success.

It was in 1999 that the Prada Group bought a reported 75 percent of the company’s share. She resigned though in 2004 as the head designer and partner of the Prada Group after having conflicts with Prada’s very own Mr. Patrizio Bertelli.

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Jil Sander Cologne
Jil Sander Cologne

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