Jar Candles

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Scented gourmet jar candles come in many varieties.  You can find a number of websites online that will offer great deals on scented jar candles and votive candles.  Before you buy, you do need to make sure that your bargain jar scented candle is still a good quality candle.  Many cheap scented gourmet jar candles for less contain less than quality ingredients.  Cheap price should not mean you get cheap quality.  Many cheap paraffin and soy jar candles contain poor quality ingredients and cheaper to manufacture chemicals.  This can include high levels of lead, zinc and other toxic chemicals.

Many times bargain candle websites sell imported candles from less than reputable factories or do not mention the factory at all.  These are often of the same quality you can find in your local discount or dollar store.  Cheaply made scented candles for less are of a very cheap and greasy wax that contains little to no scent.  The levels of lead and zinc in these candles is often very high and over safe limits.  They are not safe to burn around children, asthma patients, the elderly, or anyone!  

You can still find good quality scented jar gourmet candles for less on the Internet, though!  You just need to know where to look.  Look for a website that says exactly what is in their candles.  They should proudly list the ingredients of their scented jar candles that they are offering for less.  

They should also be upfront about where their candles are made and shipped from.  They should also be happy to answer any questions about their candle for less selection.

Always shop from sites that give information openly and avoid sites that try to keep it hidden.

Remember, just because you are getting a good deal on a gourmet scented candle does not mean you should have to sacrifice quality!  Happy gourmet candles for less bargain hunting!

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Jar Candles
Jar Candles

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