Issey Miyake Fragrance

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Issey Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer who began creating perfumes in 1992. The first fragrance that he put out was called Issey’s Water. The success of that first perfume led to the creation of many more perfumes in the next several years. Designer is a creative genius who uses his talent to create vibrant and exceptional fragrances for women. His perfumes are a blended harmony of earth and life and of the modern with the traditional. He creates alluring and captivating fragrances that will enchant you with their ethereal harmony and delicious flavors.

One of the most popular perfumes put out by Issey Miyake is L’Eau D’Issey perfume which was debuted in 1992. It is a soothing marine aroma that combines an intoxicating blend of a floral bouquet with rich and fresh green woody scents. It is a delightful combination that is refreshing and inviting. It is an easy fragrance to like and wears well any time of the year and for any occasion. The fresh floral notes of lotus, cyclamen, freesia, carnation, and white lilies that are found in L’Eau D’Issey perfume make it very feminine and inviting.

Le Feu d’Issey Light perfume by Issey Miyake was created in 2000. It is a deep, creamy and milky fragrance that has warm tones and rich amber infusions. The sunny aroma gives a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. It provides a fresh and fragrant appeal with a delightful burst of bergamot. The aroma of Le Feu d’Issey perfume by Issey Miyake is inviting and intriguing and is perfect for everyday wear throughout the warmer months of the year, or anytime you want to feel warm, relaxed and content.

The line of Issey Miyake perfumes provide women with incredible fragrances to enjoy every season of the year. They are sexy, refreshing and inviting.

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Issey Miyake Fragrance
Issey Miyake Fragrance

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