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What Is The Best Cologne ?

Author: James Brown

When it comes to purchasing cologne for men it is best to buy cologne to match their personality. Men should wear masculine cologne, not perfume for women. If you want to build your self esteem or be more self confident then wear the right cologne.

There are many colognes for men to choose from . Some of the most preferred are the :

ACQUA DI GIO -this is preferred for guys in high school. You are sure to get your girl’s attention wearing this cologne.

Cool Water -is popular with high school guys . This may bring back special memories that you and your girl shared together.

Green Irish Tweed – is popular among celebrities.

If you are shopping for seasonal cologne , it is available too.

During the summer men prefer to wear to wear MULGER COLOGNE. This is a cologne gives men a clean fresh smell like the smell of their popular soap. Women prefer men to smell very clean.

Wearing ISSEY MIYAKE is nice to wear on summer nights.

Some cologne smells so good on men that their wives or girl friends won’t let their men wear it out if they’re not with them. This means it could attract roaming beast. Try VERY IRRESISTIBLE. The name delivers a clear message.

Men used to wear OLD SPICE . Now they have a new spicy cologne called OPIUM. This cologne is for the men that have to rise early and need a quick awakening.

Women love for their men to smell very masculine. Why not try HABIT ROUGE ? This will spark the fire to burning again. It is very nice to wear for professional occasions too.

When you stop and think about cologne , you will find that women either hate the cologne or they love it . Men should be aware when choosing cologne it really comes down to their personal opinion.

Take some real important advice. If you must wear cologne , wear it sparingly. Don’t send people running to get away from you. No one wants to have the taste of cologne lingering in their mouths and nose all day. It is very bad when someone wears so much cologne until you can taste it in your mouth. Respect other people, and limit your cologne usage. With the cost of cologne , it pays to know how to wear it. Remember to store your cologne properly to secure the fragrance. Prevent your expensive cologne from souring.

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Issey Miyake Cologne
Issey Miyake Cologne

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