Human Sex Pheromones

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Where are human sex pheromones located?

The epic human pheromones, that seemed to have the legendary skill of attracting the other sex. Where are they? And in what form?
Armpit sweat? Interesting…
Is there any way to take the pheromones out of the sweat , so it would not include the disgusting smell? And, are pheromones same for everyone – what i mean is, are some people’s pheromones more effective than others, or are they same but in larger quantity?

The only credible study I have seen was done several years ago at the University of Chicago. It only showed pheromones in armpit sweat.

I’m not an expert on this subject but what I remember is they fractionated the sweat and narrowed down what the active components were.

Human Sex Pheromones
Human Sex Pheromones

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