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Hugo Boss perfume for men and fragrance review

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Hugo Boss started as a family business in year 1923 and purely that specialized in the manufacture of men’s clothing.  In year 1985, that Hugo Boss introduced its first fragrance, Boss N 1, and quickly became very popular. Other fragrances and scented products soon followed.

Since 80s till now,” target=”_blank”>Hugo Boss continue strive to create elegant and market taste perfume, extending its perfume for men line.  Hugo Boss men perfumes include Baldessarini, Boss, and Boss in Motion Green Edition, Boss Spirit and Hugo Dark Blue.  The aromatic, and scent was created to focus on the very modern, enterprising young man.

Today, Hugo Boss fragrance is widely located on the market, it is unique and excellence aromatic. You can get Boss Selection an Eau de Toilette Spray or as a deodorant stick. Hugo Boss become corporate brand of perfume for men in US and Euro market followed by other brand such as Sean John, Armani, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, It has been well known brand, for both class and cost. You don’t have to earn a income like corporate CEO to wear Hugo Boss, but it certainly does make everyone to smell good!

Hugo Boss perfume for men is a very delicate scent and soft that is light yet has a great longevity that last 6 to 10 hour. Hugo Boss perfume is one of the best perfumes in the market.

Hugo Boss Baldessarini is one of the product men perfume line, and doing successfully Hugo Boss. Baldessarini an aftershave for men, and it contain an excellence aroma that is both divinely and distinct unique. The scent of patchouli flower subtly radiates from this product, and woody oriental scent is composed of basil and bergamot on top, with juniper berries and pink pepper. Heart is dominated by masculine vetiver combined with fir resin, patchouli and rose absolute. Base notes incorporate a classic mixture of cedar, vanilla and amber with creme brulee accords. The bottle is luxurious, created of black glass, with a golden board with engraved name of brand and fragrance.

Besides that, Hugo Boss perfume for men, Boss is another well known men perfume in the market. Boss have dynamic fragrance and is a clean. It is available in different sizes of Eau de Toilette. The scent combine together with apple, bergamot, cinnamon, tagetes, geranium, clove, cedar wood, sandalwood, vetiver, and olivewood.

Hugo Boss perfume is not just for men, there is an amazing scent line for woman as well, like Hugo Boss Femme and other made well known women perfume. Hugo Boss perfume provides each latest product line with timely and significant scent and perfume. Hugo Boss fragrance is powerful and bold.

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Hugo Boss Spray
Hugo Boss Spray

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