Hugo Boss Fragrances

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Hugo Boss – A Global Fashion House – More Popular For Colognes or Suits? Tell Me

Author: Sonny Ahujaa

Hugo Boss is a global fashion house which has a chain of stores in 102 countries across the world. It was founded by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1923 in Metzingen, Germany. Hugo was the member of the Nazi party. With the rise of Hitler in 1933, Hugo Boss became the official supplier of uniforms to SA and SS guards.

Hugo Boss experienced highs and lows in his business. He was charged for being a Nazi supporter and was denied to vote in Germany. Even after his death in 1948, his business survived which started to make suits and became a famous fashion house for male fashion industry.

Hugo Boss launched its first perfume in 1993, exactly 70 years after it was founded. Ever since Hugo Boss perfume line has grown to be a successful part of the company and is rated as one of the top most perfume brands in the industry.

The first perfume under the Hugo Boss brand was called Boss Elements for men released in 1994. It has an aromatic spicy fragrance which has a blend of lavender, basil, aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, musk, amber, sandalwood, jasmine, coriander, leather, oakmoss and many other interesting fragrances.

Hugo Elements Aqua for men was cologne with a woody aromatic fragrance. This cologne was launched in 1997. It has pineapple, lavender and mint with coriander, tea, pepper, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. It gives a clean, fresh and elegant fragrance and has been a favorite among most men.

Hugo Boss introduced the suave Boss in Motion for men edition in 2002. It has a fresh and sensual smell and it perfect for people who have an active lifestyle. This fragrance is radiant a perfect for young men. The ad campaign of Boss in Motion featured Julien Hedquist who personifies the characteristics of an energetic, young, dynamic and self-confident youth.

Boss in Motion was followed by Boss in Motion Blue, Green and Black in 2004, 2005 and 2006 respectively. Other fragrances of Hugo Boss include Boss Intense, Boss Pure, Boss Selection, and Boss Soul.

The latest edition of Hugo Boss perfumes is the Femme L’Eau Fraiche launched in 2009. It has a gentle, refreshing and very cheerful fragrance. It is perfect for tranquil and peaceful evenings. This fragrance makes you feel relaxed and calm. It is the third version of Feminine Boss Femme fragrances. The first one was Boss Femme introduced in 2006 and the second version was called Essence de Femme launched in 2007. All the bottles of the Boss Femme editions are the same with a pink packaging and light pink nuances.

Sienna Miller is the new face for Boss Orange which is the latest Hugo Boss fragrance. This new fragrance is musky, sweet and sexy.

With immense success in men’s suits, which had set a benchmark for all the other leading fashion houses, Hugo Boss’ venture into perfume industry was indeed triumphant. Though Hugo Boss started their perfume line 70 years after the launch of the company, it had an almost immediate recognition in the world of fragrances.

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Hugo Boss Fragrances
Hugo Boss Fragrances

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