How to Make Candles

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How do I make candles that have a strong fragrance?

I would like to make candles, but I know some have stronger, more lasting scents than others. What ingredient(s) do I use to make a candle that it extremely fragrant (like the expensive ones at the Yankee Candle Company)?

the way i make candle’s is i buy wicks mybee on the internet, get candle wax(i use bees wax i have bees)find what fragrence you like vanilla, lavender etc. if it is a flower or plant soak it in oil untill the fragrence is strong enough, melt the wax and cut a length of wick and add the fragrene or oil and keep dipping the wick(s)

you can also just buy them^_*

How To Make Candles
How To Make Candles

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