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How old does a French Bulldog puppy have to be to take him home?

I’m waiting for my French Bulldog puppy to get a little older before I actually take him home. He is almost four weeks old, and I want to know when I should take him home. The breeder says 7.5 weeks, but I’ve heard it is okay at 6 weeks. But, I want the best for the puppy.

Minimum – 8 weeks!!!

Better is 12 weeks. The time between 8 & 12 week is a good time for the puppy to be socializing with his littermates, and owners. His immune system is developing, and by 12 weeks he can have had all his puppy shots. He is also able to make a smoother transition to a Loving Forever Home. Be patient, and best of luck to you and your new Frenchie.

They are awesome little dogs.

Him French

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