Him Calvin

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What do the people who are drafting Calvin Johnson extremely high expect him to do this year?

I personally would be surprised if he could match Jerry Rice’s rookie year of about 900 yards and 5 TDs. The converted DB Furrey caught about 100 passes last year and Roy Williams is a top 20 WR.

What exactly are you expecting Calvin Johnson to do that you take him so early in the draft?
I’d personally rather go with a high upside #1 WR such as Mark Clayton or Braylon Edwards in the 8th round and spend the 6th rounder on something other than a WR (if there’s a good RB left, I’d probably go that route or I might go for one of the top tier QBs if they are left or for one of the top TEs).

Didn’t you see him walk on water the other day?

If he produced Roy Williams-like numbers his first year, that would be a success.

I agree: 900 yards, 5 TDs is very realistic. Few receivers ecclipse the 1000 yard barrier in their rookie year. The odds are clearly against him.

People buy into the hype. I prefer proven commodities, and preferably ones not on the Lions. They are not exactly the model of consistent performance.

He was the 18th WR overall taken in our draft. I just about fell out of my chair. What are these people smoking?

Him Calvin

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