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Ever-changing Paris Hilton Acts Out 10 Hot Hairstyles

Author: Lei Shi

Filthy rich girl Paris Hilton’s every move holds people’s eyeball all the time. Her ever-changing modern image is pleasant. Each time she attends parties or ceremonies, her modeling will become the next goal which people will imitate. Let’s look at Hilton’s different hairstyles which match various situations. We can also steal her tricks and become the the ever-changing hairstyle queen.

1. Improved BOB

Hilton still loves the BOB head in ’09. This new hairstyle shows the improved BOB style trend. The hair on both sides of the cheeks may also hide the weakness of the face.

2. BOB plus glistening hairlace

BOB plus the glistening hairlace are what Hilton brings us for this year’s fashion trend. The glistening hairlace can hold people’s eyeball quickly since every woman cannot resist the enticement of the blingbling stuff.

3. High upsweep

High upsweep of her hair reveals women’s graceful and gentle taste. And along with a fine evening dress, it’ll certainly enable you to become the party queen. This perhaps is one of “Queen Paris” secrets.

4. Elegant and sweet hairstyle

Hilton’s this hairstyle is most appropriate when she’s at parties or important occasions. Gently rolled hair tip reveals women’s gentleness and delightfulness, gracious and elegant.

5. Fluffy big curl

The big curl seems never to be out of time. Hilton’s this hairstyle can decorate the face very well. The fluffy disorderly curl appears lively and lovely, yet does not lose grace.

6. Scratched loose on the top

To scratch the hair on the top of head helps to look more energetic vitality. It suits office ladies well, but it needs careful tending every morning.

7. Hilton’s favorite hair band

The hair band has been hot since last year and it has always been Hilton’s favorite. Being weary of the big curl, occasional use of exquisite hair band can make that impression of a neighbor girl. And this hairstyle is perfect for going out.

8. Smooth long hair

Just like big curl, the smooth long hair is one of women’s favorite hairstyles. Ethereal long smooth hair makes women look hale and hearty as Hilton’s haughty and uninhibited aspect appears.

9. Clean and neat up-do

Hilton’s this up-do makes her quite spell able with all the hair combed up neatly. What should be noticed is that this up-do has a requirement of the face shape. It will not be suitable for women with big face.

10. Braids

Do the Hollywood stars also love braids? Yes! Hilton is one of the braids fans. When doing the braids, you need to make sure that your hairstyle must match with your makeup and clothing, otherwise it’ll just work the opposite effect.

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Hilton Women
Hilton Women

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