Hilton Men

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Are gay men allowed to be misogynistic bigots, or is Perez Hilton just an isolated case?

He did, after all, refer to Miss California with the b-word, the p-word, and the c-word.

Any other man who did this would rightly be labeled a foul-mouthed, sexist misogynist.

How come a gay man like Hilton is allowed to get away with it — simply because Miss California voiced an opinion that a) differs from his own, and b) is shared by a solid majority of Americans?

because with the new in-your-face gay agenda, no one is entitled to an opinion unless it agrees with them. (i realize not all gay ppl feel this way, but its the new PC). Just because u disagree with gay marriage doesnt mean u are hateful. Miss CA was very sweet n respectful imo. He on the other hand, he is the one full of hate! I mean, the bitter evil hate is just oozing out of him!! He needs to learn respect and tolerance…hypocrite.

Hilton Men

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