Highly Scented Candle

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What is the best highly scented jar candle available?

I hate smelling a candle in the store and thinking how good it smells and then getting it home and lighting it and can’t smell it! What are some good brands of highly scented jar candles available?

Yankee Candles. They have a large variety of aromas. The smell lasts throughout the life of the candle. And the wicks do not have lead in them.

If you want a really strong odor, buy the electric plug-in and turn it on high.

Yankee Candles are wonderful. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. They have seasonal candles. I just bought Candy Corn. They have votives and tart warmers. They sell candle holders, tart warmer holders, jar toppers, wick trimmers, and candle extinguishers. They also have car hanging thingys.

Be careful. They are addictive. Once you start buying you can’t stop.

Highly Scented Candle
Highly Scented Candle

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