High Quality Essential Oils

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Where to buy high-quality essential oil for aromatherapy?

I used to buy essential oil in Bath & Body Works, but they discontinued most kinds of oils in recent years. Any recommendation?

Essential Oils are the natural aromatic essences of plants, and no two are alike. Just like good wine, you want to buy from someone who knows a lot about quality.
It does not have to be expensive, but the commitment has to be there to give you a pure product.
Bath & Body Works does mostly synthetic fragrances, and I did not care for the quality of their Essential Oil line, but then again, I may be spoiled 😉
I personally love AromaLand, and have been using their products for a decade now. They are the oldest privately owned Aromatherapy company in the US (the founder is still purchasing all the oils personally), and they have an incredible selection of both therapeutic grade oils, yummy blends, and lots of spa treatments and other fun things to indulge your weary soul.
Since there is a lot to learn, check out the Essential Oil profiles, they post a lot of information online. You can also ask for free oil samples when you order, they seem to honor that every time.

High Quality Essential Oils
High Quality Essential Oils

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