High Intensity

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How long into a moderate/high intensity cardio work out does the body begin to burn fat instead of glucose?

I know with low intensity exercises, it targets fat reserves first. But I’m wondering how long it takes to burn fat during a moderate – high intensity cardio work out? I run on the treadmill a lot, and with my resting BPM probably hit a high intensity range for cardio. If I am running for 30 minutes, will I have targeted some fat cells? Or is it just burning glucose?

I am assuming that you want to lose weight, you need to be concerned with how many calories you burn compared to how many you take in. Once you have used your glucose stores your body will start to use fat.

To answer your question, your high intensity will burn glucose, but, once you get rid of these stores your body will burn the fat. Remember that if you exercise with low intensity and burn your fat stores and leave the glucose , your body will turn the glucose into fat. Exercise hard and watch your caloric intake.


High Intensity

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