Herrera Perfume for Women

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Carolina Herrera rare perfume?

I am looking for Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera Perfume for Women..its my mother’s favourite perfume and sadly it hasn’t been in the market here for a while now and I would like to know if there is anywhere in the UAE where I can find it or even order it.
Thanks in advance.

Paris Gallery should have it, there are many Paris Gallery stoes in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


For a quick store locater…

I know there is a huge Paris Gallery beside Abela in Abu Dhabi.

And, I would suggest checking Mall of the Emirates: they have everything there


Harvey Nichols, might have it

Here is a pdf of all the stores in Mall of the Emirates:

Good luck 😀

Herrera Perfume for Women
Herrera Perfume for Women

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