Hardy Love Perfume for Women

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Ed hardy’s women’s perfume, is there more than one?

Okay a few months ago i was at Macy’s and i smelled an Ed Hardy perfume for women and i LOVED it! Anyways my birthday is coming so i was going to ask for it but, when i looked it up on Google so many different pictures came up and now I’m wondering is there more than one Ed Hardy perfume for women? I can’t remember which one i smelled. I know it was either pink or the geisha one but i don’t know.

Here are the pictures:


Are they the same but with different art? or is there 2 different ones? -__-

If you really know the answer and aren’t just guessing you answer will be very much appreciated, thank you!

There are three different ones, I wear the hot pink one every day. It is MUCH better!

Hardy Love Perfume For Women
Hardy Love Perfume For Women

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