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Most if not all women really like perfumes. Most will have a favourite perfume or scent from one of the many designer fragrance houses such as Calvin Klein, Paul Smith or Yves Saint Laurent. However there are different types of perfume for different times of day. Perfumes for wearing at work during the day can be quite different to ones worn for a meal out which again can be different from one worn for a nights clubbing. However despite the endless variety of perfumes that are available, most people are often confused why the perfume smells so differently when it is applied to the skin compared to smelling it from the bottle or on a tester strip. Likewise the perfume can smell differently on different people. This question often asked is why? Hopefully by the end of this article you will understand why this is which may also enable you to choose perfumes more wisely.

Firstly it is important to realise that the perfume is a combination of various organic hydrocarbons and these can be effected by a variety of factors. For this reason you should always keep your perfume away from heat or strong sunlight. Both of these can chemically change the composition of your perfume and consequently change its smell.

Next come the issue of why different perfumes smell differently on each person. Like it or not your skin is covered in various substances such as natural oils and acids and also different bacteria. These natural oils are influenced heavily on the diet of the person. For instance, eating a spicy meal will influence the smell of the skin, perhaps for several days, although it is more noticeable on other people than on oneself! Also there will be residue on the skin of various soaps or lotions that have been applied. The result of this is that the aroma of the aromatics in the perfume will combine with the scent of the skin, which depends on the person, resulting it a slightly different smell. Another point to remember that the initial scent on the skin will be influenced by the alcohol that is in the perfume. You should therefore leave it ten minutes for the alcohol to completely evaporate before getting a true impression of what the perfume will smell like. The key here is not to rush the process and don’t make a decision on whether to purchase a perfume immediately after applying it to the skin.

Frequently people say that the perfume they use changes in smell over time. This is completely true. Each perfume is made up of a combination of different scents and each of these evaporate at slightly different rates. The relative proportion of each of these scents (or notes as they are often called) is therefore constantly changing.

Medical conditions can also change the way a perfume smells on the body as can other completely natural processes such as puberty, menopause or pregnancy. In these cases there is really nothing to be worried out and it can provide an explanation why a perfume that you once liked no longer smells the same as it once did.

Hopefully you will understand why perfume smells differently now on different people and at different times and you can make a more informed choice the next time you go searching for a perfume or fragrance.

Happy perfume shopping!

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Happy Purfume
Happy Purfume

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