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Guess – Style and Attitude

Author: James Philips

Guess is a widely popular clothing line not only in its home country of United States but also all over the world. The company uses its distinctive question mark as an emblem, placed within a trademark inverted triangle.

The Guess name and brand has been bolstered over the years by a characteristic sexualized advertising campaign. Featuring artful color and black and white photographs, the campaign has included such celebrity models as Drew Barrymore, Claudia Schiffer, Paris Hilton, and Anna Nicole Smith. Consistently employing tasteful yet edgy photography, the brand has made for itself a unique advertising and marketing sensibility.

The company was founded by the four Marciano brothers: Maurice, Georges, Armand, and Paul. Born in Algeria, the Marcianos were commonly believed to have grown up in southern France, getting influenced mostly by the region’s style and culture. In 1977 the brothers moved to California, and it was in 1981 when the Guess Company was founded. (The brothers’ capital was actually provided by the Nakash family, who owns the Jordache denim empire.)

Initially, many stores were hesitant to carry the company’s denim jeans (which were characteristically “stone washed”). However in December of the same year, Georges Marciano was able to convince Bloomingdale’s to carry twenty-four pairs, which quickly sold out.

Over the years, Guess has weathered some rough spots to attain its current standing in the market as one of the top players in the fashion industry. Known for quality, style, and attitude, the company continues to produce apparel that is highly valued and in demand worldwide.

The company has clothing lines both for adults and for kids, known as Baby Guess. In 2004, the brand also expanded to include a more upscale female clothing and accessories line, known simply as Marciano. Marciano offers a higher-priced selection of fashionable items for women. In 2005, the company also began producing scents and perfumes of their own, and introduced the new perfumes Guess Gold for women and Guess Suede for Men in 2006.

The label is also known for its stylish accessories with some of the most distinctive being their high-end watches. Belts, wallets, and the like are also popular items that are on offer. Guess is one of the more popular brands and major players in the modern fashion industry.

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Guess Marciano Perfume
Guess Marciano Perfume

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