Guess Gold Perfume

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What do u think of Guess Gold perfume by Guess?

does it smell good? does it stay on all day? how many sprays do i have to put to make it stay more? where?

i wana buy it for school and make it my scent. so that whoever smells the fragrance will know it is me…
thx thats great =)

perfume is perfume, so you don’t have to worry about staying power- it’ll most likely hold up all day.

a spritz on your wrists (don’t rub them together, that’ll ruin the lighter notes of the scent) and the backs of your ankles (they’re literally a “hot spot” on your body, so the scent will heat up and waft up from your ankles up to other’s noses- it’s totally true) will be enough. don’t spray too much!

and my opinion on the perfume is that it’s fruity and flowery, but in a good way- like starburst candy, but much more sophisticated.

hope you find your signature scent!

Guess Gold Perfume
Guess Gold Perfume

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