Guerlain Women

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Where is cheaper to buy “L’instant de Guerlain”? online? perfumery? airport? in the plane while travelling abr

“L’instant de Guerlain” by Guerlain for women.
I’m looking for the middle size bottle

go to
My mother goes here every year for Xmas to buy me and my siblings perfume. It is totally legit, it isn’t knock off and they come fully packaged in the original box sealed. I love this place soooo much. I don’t know how they are so cheap but it is 100% the real product. All my coworkers order from here too. Seriously it is the best and I swear by it. I know it is scary ordering online but this is one of the few places I will buy from. Good Luck!

Guerlain Women
Guerlain Women

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