Guerlain Fragrances

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Insolence is a brand fragrance by Guerlain, one of the world’s largest perfume manufacturers. The new scent was first introduced in 2006 and touted as the brand’s greatest creation in years. Designed by Maurice Roucel, a well-known and prize-winning perfume designer, Insolence came with a lot of hype. So, does it live up to all the buzz? For a helpful review of Guerlain’s latest fragrance, read on.

Price Point

Like almost all the Guerlain fragrances, Insolence comes with a standard $80 to $100 price tag for a 50 ml bottle. It’s comparable to the brand’s other aromas and fits in well on most perfume dealer and department store shelves. Deals can typically be found online, but buyers should only purchase from trusted retailers.

Fragrance Notes

According to Guerlain, the Insolence brand fragrance is a traditional Guerlain scent with a younger overtone. The scent contains notes of orange blossoms, roses, sandalwood, tonka beans, musk, iris, violets, raspberries and red fruit pulp.

Fans of Guerlain’s trademark essence will be pleased that it’s still there in the base of the fragrance. Though Insolence was made for a younger market – and therefore has a somewhat stingier, upper tone – the base sandalwood and musk is still present. That said, this is not a perfume for those who shy away from fruity smells.


Guerlain is a respected perfume manufacturer for a reason – they make quality perfumes that smell beautiful and last for a lengthy period of time.

If you’re a traditional Guerlain wearer, you are no doubt somewhat turned off by the marketing for Insolence. With its flashy ads and celebrity (Hilary Swank) spokesperson, the perfume may come off as lower quality or less sophisticated. However, the scent is amazing and the quality even better. This is not a teeny-bopper aroma.

Best Time to Put it On

Thanks to its musk and sandalwood undertones, Insolence is a wonderful evening and night-time fragrance. The light scent is well suited to warm summer nights on the waterfront or in the backyard and has a touch of evening with just a splash of playfulness.

Where to Find It

Insolence is sold at all Guerlain counters in most national department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, Barney’s, Bloomingdale’s and more. The product is also sold at fragrance discounters and most perfume retailers.

Before you purchase Guerlain’s Insolence from an online wholesaler or discount store, make sure you’ve chosen a trusted and recommended marketer. To avoid purchasing fake perfume, look for a reputable online store.

The Final Verdict

Though Insolence brand fragrance does fall prey to a recent trend of trying to appeal to a younger market, Guerlain has still maintained tradition with its trademark deep base scents. Their perfume may have a few high notes and just a touch of acidity, but the enduring scent is one of sophistication and strength. It keeps a woman smelling fresh and appealing for many hours beyond its initial application.

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Guerlain Fragrances
Guerlain Fragrances

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