Gres Perfumes

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It is notable that there are only a few women who successfully get the limelight in the world of fashion design. However, those few women are truly worthwhile and are immensely and significantly adored by the fashion world. Germaine Emilie Krebs is one of them. Born in Paris, France in 1903, Krebs formed her own fashion company called Gres in her home city in 1942.

Parfums Gres is the specific perfume house that is associated and formed by Germaine Emilie Krebs. The fragrance maker is still actively developing, manufacturing and distributing its famous perfume brands, though having been relocated from France to Switzerland. The brand’s most popular perfume names include Folie Douce, Caline Night, Cabotine, Caline and Cabaret.

Alex Couture was the name of the first ever fashion house put up by Madame Gres. That was in 1932. After co-venturing with a friend, she agreed to modify the structure of her maiden business and a year after, the name was changed to Alex Barton.

As a designer, Madame Gres has proven her worth and has natural knack for making beautiful clothes. The label’s clothing for women has been known all over the world for having what it seems like magical power that transforms ordinary looking women into instant celebrities.

The name Gres was derived from Madame Gres’ husband. The name was an anagram of her husbands’ alias and first name. The husband was Serge Czerefkov, who was a Russian painter. He left Madame Gres in 1937 and left for French Polynesia, a French colony. Since then, Mr. Czerefkov never came back.

Among the most high profile clients of Gres include Marlene Dietrich, Jacqueline Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor and Greta Garbo. Consumers and fashion reviews established that this fashion brand was sophisticated and partly classical, prompting many clients to celebrate owning a Gres.

The brand was forced to include a ready-to-wear clothing line at their stores due to high demand. Also, because the industry calls and demand has been steadily rising, the brand soon was made truly popular and noteworthy. The next time you get hold of a Gres product, whether perfume or clothes, do not forget the woman behind the brand.

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Gres Perfumes
Gres Perfumes

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