Golden Goddess for Women

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Zlota Baba?

Zlota Baba – Polish “Golden Woman” a Goddess who received many sacrifices and gave oracles, depicted in gold.

This is all I could find on this goddess. Does any one know anything else about to her, or maybe where I could find info on her. The only thing that Wikipedia had was what I listed.

Hi Sweetie,
Zlota Baba, is knowen to be in a class of warrior goddesses and is a goddess of oracles, she grants visions. Many sacrafices were made to her, which at some point’s have demonized her.

There isn’t really that much on her, she is one of the lesser knowen goddesses, but just because she isn’t widely knowen, doesn’t mean she isn’t any less a goddess.
Hope this helps you sweetie.

Golden Goddess for Women
Golden Goddess for Women

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