Giorgio Armani Perfume for Women

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Refresh the Spirit With Perfumes

Author: Marcia Henin

The type of perfume an individual wear props up the identity and conveys something about the user. The different ingredients in a perfume attribute invisible scents called as pheromones to the perfumes.


Pheromones freshens the mind and influences other individuals too. Moreover, perfumes make the wearer to feel confident and attractive.


Emporio Armani perfume launched by designer Giorgio Armani in the year 1998, has a refined and flowery scent. It possesses a blend of cedar, vanilla, fruit, heliotrope and musk. Individuals can use Emporio Armani perfume for evening parties or outing.


With the popularity Emporio Armani perfume, the designer label bought a series of perfumes. Emporio Armani fragrance of white for women launched in 2001 contains the essence of fig leaves, clove, green mint, citrus and base notes of white musk and woods to give a new and chic urban aroma.


There are other Emporio Armani fragrances, which are fresh and feminine having notes of orange, jasmine, per and ginger. The middle notes comprise of lavender honey, orange blossom and Seringa flower, whereas the base notes contain vanilla and complex woods.


Kenzo Perfumes:


Kenzo perfumes are equally famous as Emporio Armani fragrance. The flower perfume of Kenzo launched in the year 2000 contains exquisite marigold, bergamot, tiare flower, iris, freesia, lily fragrance and peony.


Kenzo jungle D’Ete gives the user an experience of summer all round the year. Even during spring, it gives a warmth and radiant feeling. The fresh dewy leaf fragrance fills the heart with happiness. This perfume from Kenzo is thus a symbol of happiness and eternal freedom. It comes in a radiant translucent bottle.


Kenzamour is another Kenzo perfume which has a soft, serene fragrance made of musk, wood and sensuous flowers. L’Eau par Kenzo is translucent as water, which has a mild and long lasting scent.  Pour home is another beautiful fragrance from Kenzo, which has an electric aroma, as it contains grapefruit, lemon, orange, guiaic wood, clove, nutmeg and ginger notes.


Thus, Emporio Armani perfumes and Kenzo perfumes are ideal for anytime wear. The fragrances of these perfumes are very versatile and people will surely appreciate the scent.

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Giorgio Armani Perfume For Women
Giorgio Armani Perfume For Women

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