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Aqua Di Gio- product review

Author: koay lye chin

What come to your mind when you think of men perfume? You can imagine sophisticated, elegance and masculine. Today online perfume market are driven by men, the perfume market has grown into multi billion business, from snatch.

  1. Aqua Di Gio was introduced in 1997, and is considered to be a men perfume premium product. Aqua Di Gio is a light flowery men perfume that is ideal to wear in the day, it has a nice clean refreshing smell that doesn’t last all day, keeps you aroma good for a long time must think the perfumes provided to you in the Aqua Di Gio.   It is a fresh scent and musky that will leave the women engrossed more. If you ever smelled something make you high spirit and young that leave you make particular scent? Think about Aqua Di Gio.
  2. The scent is clean, light and crisp with a somewhat floral scent without being “feminine”


“Born from the sea, the sun and the earth, and created by a man who embraces nature’s contrasts as he finds harmony in them. Inspired by the Mediterranean island haven, Pantelleria, the scent is decidedly masculine and modern with a transparent, aromatic, woody scent.”

The most important factor in deciding whether to purchase a fragrance is the…..erm…fragrance. In other words, what does it smell like?

 You could buy a huge range of Aqua Di Gio perfumes. Finding  Aqua Di Gio perfume, which is affordable, is not hard when you use online perfume purchase. There are many perfume  online selling that would provide a huge range of gorgeous  Aqua Di Gio smelling perfumes for you to take into consideration. Aqua Di Gio perfumes does not selling  cheap when it comes to quality. You could find many of the designer perfume brands provided for less on the web.

Aqua Di Gio is one of the more expensive scents to buy, but I still think it is worth. However you still can get a cheaper by online store like

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Gio Perfume
Gio Perfume

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