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what cologne is better armani code or acqua di gio for men by giorgio armani?

Im buying one of these colognes for my boyfriend but i wanted to know what many of you guys think.

Without knowing anything about your boyfriend it’s hard to specifically recommend one but I can give you my impression of both to help you decide.

I would say that Acqua Di Gio is definitely the more ‘traditional’ of the two. I find it to be quite clean, fresh (what you would expect from a marine fragrance) and citrusy throughout.

Armani Code is very different, an oriental fragrance that’s very spicy (hints of vanilla, cloves and cinnamon) and quite sweet – some men may find it too sweet.

So if he’s what you would call a ‘regular bloke’ then go for the Acqua Di Gio. If you think he’s a bit more adventurous in his tastes and would like to try something different then go for the Armani Code.

The PerfumeFairy

PS – my husband wears Armani Code

Gio Men

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