Gio Armani Perfume

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Enjoy the Luxury of Armani Perfume

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Long gone are the days when Armani was known solely as the manufacturer of high-end suits. Armani perfume is trendy and luxurious, and is available in a range of prices making it affordable and available. The consummate Italian designer, Armani understood that women would appreciate the artistry that went into anything he made. A woman’s perfume is her calling card, and few perfumes make as much of a statement as those by Armani.

Acqua di Gio is perhaps the best known and most popular of Armani’s collection for women. Matched with a similar scent for men, Acqua is a floral and aquatic scent that is fresh and vibrant. Available as a lotion and a shampoo as well, you can completely wrap yourself up in this fragrance.

Another popular scent by Armani is Code. Sensual and simple this Armani perfume calls up the elegance of an earlier era. Available as perfume, spray or a variety of body products, you are certain to find something you like. Additionally, Code comes in one of the most beautiful bottles around. A number of scents are available in gift sets, allowing you to enjoy more than one version of your favorite fragrance.

Armani perfumes have been created by some of the best perfume masters available. Blended with skill and pride, they subtly announce your presence with panache. Unlike men, who tend to stick to one fragrance, day or night, women get to play with their scent palate creating a different mystique depending on where they are, and what they are doing. Well aware of this, Armani has produced a line of perfumes that meets your needs regardless of the occasion.

It is possible to find Armani perfumes at high end department stores. Better deals are often found online. Before you purchase any perfume take some time to try it out and give the perfume at least thirty minutes on your skin so that its full scent develops.

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Gio Armani Perfume
Gio Armani Perfume

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