Gianni Versace Perfume

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It was the morning of July the 15th, 1997, Gianni Versace, 50 years old was taking his daily walk under Miami sun. After stopping at the News Cafe nearby, he headed back to his house in Ocean Drive. He was opening the gate when a man approached him from behind and shot him twice in the head with a 40mm gun.

It was a real execution. a first shot to the back of the head, the second to the face, when Versace was already down. A job of a professional. The stylist died soon afterwards at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. Police investigation found a suspect almost immediately: the Philippine Andrew Philip Cunanan, 25 years old, gay, who allegedly had already killed four people and was among the 10 America’s most wanted. His victims were his friend Jeff Trail, his ex lover David Madson both killed in Minneapolis; Lee Liglin, a billionaire from Chicago and William Reese a keeper of a cemetery in Pennsville in New Jersey. A long series of killings that started on April the 27th, 1997.

Even if none of the witnesses to the murder, including Antonio D’Amico, Versace’s partner, was able to declare with certainty that the man who was trying to get away was Cunanan, the police did not give up their lead, corroborated by the fact that Cunanan’s pick up (which he had stolen to his last victim) had been found in a near area.

After Versace’s murder, Cunanan disappeared, leading to think that he had fled as far as possible, but on July the 23rd, police received a call from Fernando Carreira, who worked in a floating house near Versace’s place. “There’s a man in the house” he said “I saw some things had been moved, then I heard a shot.” It presumably was the shot with which Cunanan killed himself.

Police hurried  to the floating house and started a very bizarre siege. After five hours they fired tear gas into the house and finally went in. Some witnessed said  they heard a second shot, others claim they saw the curtains of the house move before the police went in. Anyway, police declared that the house was empty. It was only several hours later that it was clear what had happened: it actually took just two minutes to find Cunanan’s dead body in the bedroom. Besides, for many  hours it wasn’t even sure that that body was Cunanan’s. At the end the statement: “Andrew cunanan’s hint is over, the horror is over.” Yet, the many strange details remain unsolved.

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Gianni Versace Perfume
Gianni Versace Perfume

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