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With an inflow of around 45 million tourists every year, Paris undoubtedly is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As per a survey conducted in 2005, the urban area of Paris has been declared the biggest city economy in Europe with a GDP of €533.6 billion (US$731.3 billion). However, in the world’s list of cities by GDP, Paris is ranked fifth. Little wonder then if it is called the engine of the global economy as Paris is the premier centre of economic activities in France.

Industries in Paris

Earlier, the activity in Paris urban area (though diverse otherwise), did not have a leading specialized industry. Most of Paris economy was mainly dominated by services only. It is only recently that the city economy has begun shifting towards some high-value-added service industries like finance, IT and high-tech manufacturing industries. No doubt Paris industries now play a major role in French economy.

Leading industries of Paris

A research conducted in 2005 informs that Paris has about 23000 industries with printing industry in leading position. This industry alone generates around 40% of the total industrial employment in Paris. Other leading industries are clothing and leather industries with 23 percent.

Fashion & clothing industry

As the world knows that Paris is quite synonymous with fashion and stylish clothing, there are many apparel industries here. The quality of stuff that you get in Paris just can not be matched with anywhere in the world and you get them at a good price also. Moreover, most of the internationally famous fashion designers have opened their showrooms in Pairs. Alberta Ferretti, Armani Exchange, Cerruti 1881, Chanel, Christian Dior, Diesel, Dolce & Gabbana, Dorothy Grant, Elizabeth Emanuel, E-xentric, Eres, Genny, Ghost, Gianfranco Ferre’, Givenchy, Giorgio Armani, Gucci,  Giggles, and  Hugo Boss are some of the leading fashion houses in Paris.

Tourists around the world consider Paris as the best shopping destination for clothing and accessories. No wonder you may arrive here with empty bags but when you are about to return, your baggage might double up due to exclusive dress-shopping. As a result clothing and fashion industry play a major role in Paris economy.

Tourism industry

Different segments like entertainment, accommodation, nightlife, restaurants and of course shopping, together work for tourism industry to grow. And since Paris is a dream tourist destination in Europe, all these segments including Paris hotels are the flourishing and revenue generating industries in Paris.

Tourists are also attracted towards numerous trade shows organized throughout the year in Paris. Thus these trade shows are not only a good crowd puller; they are a great way to build the solid Parisian economy.  

Other industries in Paris

The suburbs of Paris house several industrial units and specially the heavy ones.  Constructions Metalliques, Campionnet Carrelage, Finsa Forest Products, Jungheinrich France S.A.S., and Krings International are some of the construction and heavy industries in Paris. Manufacturing of jewelry, accessories, luxury articles, and perfumes are some other sectors that can be included in Paris Industries and economy. Industries like automobile, banking, finance, media, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications should not be missed as they are quite important for any developing city or nation.

So when you visit the city of romance, book a day to know what factors make Paris the main center of French economy and also the biggest economy in Europe. Read Paris hotel reviews as it will help find a good accommodation in Paris.

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Gianfranco Ferre Perfume
Gianfranco Ferre Perfume

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