Gel Candles

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You’ve probably seen beautiful gel candles in retail stores and gift shops. These candles aren’t just beautiful; they last longer and burn better than traditional wax candles. Did you know you can make them yourself? Read this guide about how to make gel candles and you’ll find yourself with a hobby you love and a potential source of income selling the candles at crafts fairs and church.

The first step when learning how to make gel candles is understanding how important temperature is. When you see reference to temperatures in this guide stick to them! Use a candle-making thermometer to make sure the gel is at a proper temperature; this helps prevent bubbles and improves the appearance and function of the candle.

To begin, select a good container for the candle. Glass works best because it allows the gel to show through. Make sure the container also allows the wick to remain at least one and a half inches away from the sides. Next, add a bit of hot glue to the bottom center of the container and stick a wick tab onto the glue. Zinc core wicks work best for gel candles.

Now, the proper way to learn how to make gel candles is to get the gel-melting process down perfectly. Cut your gel into small cubes to allow it to melt quickly. Put all of the wax into a glass or stainless steel pot and place it on the stove over medium heat. Maintain a temperature of 200 degrees F; don’t let the temperature go above 220 degrees or the gel will burn! Maintain the temperature until your gel is smooth.

Now add your dye. Liquid works best and you should avoid color blocks, water-based and paste dyes, which won’t work well with the dye. You can also add 1/4 teaspoon of essential oils to the gel, avoiding alcohol-based scents. If your gel becomes cloudy try adding a few more gel cubes.

Now, place your container on a level surface and pour the gel into the candle carefully, making sure you pour down the side of the container to avoid bubbles. Another great tip is to preheat your container to 150 degrees F in the oven to reduce bubbles. Now, simply pull up the wick and let your candle set for four hours.

Now that you know all about how to make gel candles, try out your new hobby and show your friends and family how much fun you can have making candles at home!

By: Lee R. Martin

Author: Lee R. Martin
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Also a Free Mini-Course, for anyone wanting more knowledge about making candles at home.

Gel Candles
Gel Candles

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