French Connection

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What store could you compare French Connection to?

I was in London this past week end, went to Harrod’s and bought this great top from French Connection, now I’m back home in Belgium and we don’t have a French Connection here so I was wondering what store you could compare it too, so I migth find similar things here. The top I bought is totaly out of my usual range of clothes but I love it and it looks amazing and I’d like to find other things in this style.

French connection is great quality actually. I use to work at Nordstrom. Its really hard to say because its so unique in the way that it is very sophisticated but still fun and vibrant. The stores Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and the brand Free People give the same vibe. My best advice to you would be to purchase your French connection online. And if u cant get shipment to Belgium then buy it off Ebay…they ship international. Hope i was little help

French Connection

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