Frankincense Essential Oils

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I want to buy some frankincense essential oil?

From this website, which is the best brand of essential oil i can buy?

the choices are:

Aura Cacia
Starwest Botanicals
NOW foods

In my opinion, the Now Foods brand is the best bargain. Aura Cacia is the absolute best quality and highest standards. If you want it for perfume, go with the AC. If you want the medicinal purposes primarily, buy the Now. Note that the AC brand is diluted with jojoba oil. They do make it undiluted but it’s about $22. (See the link.) Depending on how you are going to use it, this diluted oil may not work. The Now brand says it is 20% frankincense in grapeseed oil. The Oshadi is undiluted and the best buy if that’s what you need, but I’m unfamiliar with the company. (See the link.)

Frankincense Essential Oils
Frankincense Essential Oils

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