Fragrant Burning Candles

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What brand of candles are the most fragrant when burned?

Any suggestions? thanks! 🙂

Personally i liked the brand from “Gold Canyon”. Especially the fresh orange one.. They are an in-home business. I have tried many other brands. “Yankee Candle” is in the Malls. they are another good brand.
I have ended up buying equipment recently to make my own, this way i get the exact fragrance i like., or create… and, it’s lots of fun!.. you can make all sizes , fragrances, colors and learn different techniques.
Personally too, it depends on your sense of smell too. Some brands may seem overpowering , some not enough fragrance to you. I am sensitive to fragrances. So, being able to enjoy is extra important to me.
Some store brands I’ve liked are “Glade”, and “Renuzit”.

I recommend purchasing first the smallest candles offered by any company.. like scented tea lights..
that way you don’t have a big expense invested if you don’t like that particular fragrance.. Get a bunch of them and try out.
Also, the same fragrance, doesn’t always smell the same from company to company..
Scent can make many moods in your home.. and memories..

Fragrant Burning Candles
Fragrant Burning Candles

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