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The Impact of Fragrance on Beauty

Author: Catherine Tyler

It may seem like a silly idea, but beauty, fragrance and women go perfectly together. In a woman’s pursuit for beauty, fragrance plays a key role.

Fragrances do not only neutralize unpleasant smells and jazz up one’s wardrobe but it can actually affect the wearer’s disposition and mood. Researches say that fragrance can be associated to their perceived quality. For example, musky perfumes can make a woman or man “sexy”, while romantic scents can make a woman “pretty”. The effect is not on the wearer alone but could also have the same effect on the people who smell the scent.

In addition to influencing one’s mood and disposition, fragrances are also believed to have other benefits. For one, fragrances can help one relax. Perfume ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus contain adelhydes, which have calming effects on the body. Scents such as that of bergamot and lavender on the other hand, act as some kind of sedative, leading to a more restful and tension-free slumber.

It can also increase alertness and efficiency as some ingredients are said to increase concentration. Researchers say that ginger, sandalwood and rose ‘which are common perfume ingredients- can significantly stimulate the brain neurons. Fragrances can boost self-esteem, improve mood, seduce and can even help lose weight!

Having known all these benefits that one can reap by wearing perfumes, the next issue now is to how to prolong the scent. With the relatively steep price, it is not practical to spray yourself with perfume every few minutes. This will also lead to people around you having headaches from such a strong scent!

The main and most-recommended trick is to layer the scent. Designer fragrances specially, offer perfumes that come with lotions, shampoos and shower gels of the same scent.

Fragrance layering means that all your body products are of the same exact scent, allowing you to wear the scent over and over again and thus increasing the chances of it lingering throughout the day. For example, you can start by a lavender-scented shower gel and shampoo, followed by a lavender lotion, lavender powder and finally lavender perfume of the same exact scent.

If your favorite perfume however does not come with matching powder, lotion and shower gel, what you can do is put a few drops of essential oil (of your favorite scent of course) on your other body products to create some sort of uniformity and consistency. If you are not using parfum (which have higher concentrations of essential oils), you can purchase essential oils from stores and put a few drops on your gel, lotion and shampoo.

Make sure to bring a small bottle of your perfume wherever you go. If you have just gone through a very hectic and strenuous day, chances are, the scent will wear off, despite the fragrance layering.

The fragrance industry has turned into a global billion-dollar industry. This only proves that more and more people believe in the benefits of perfumes, despite the increasing global crisis and the increasing prices.

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Fragrance Shower Gel
Fragrance Shower Gel

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