Fragrance Scented Candles

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The wonderful thing about scented candles is that the fragrance is noticed even if the candle isn’t lit. They make wonderful gifts and are appreciated even more when they are hand-crafted.

ITEMS YOU could need to PURCHASE

Wax – Wax can be found anywhere from the supermarket to craft stores, and comes as plain paraffin.

Wick – Available at most any craft or hobby shop in varying sizes.

Scent – This isn’t needed but does add a nice touch to candles. There are multiple different sorts of scents you can purchase–such as oil based perfumes, potpourri oils, and so on.

Color – Chips of color may be found in craft or pastime shops. It must have a clip that may fasten to the side of the boiler.

Candle Mold – Sturdy coffee cups work nicely. Some needs: The mold should not be bigger at the bottom than at the top – the candle won’t come out if this sort of container is used. Also, ensure the mold has smooth, even sides.

Kitchen Skewers – If you don’t already have these tools, they can simply be found at most any supermarket.

In order to make any sort of candle, you have to first melt the wax before you can pour it into your candle mold. You have got to use a double boiler to melt the wax. Place a smaller pot that has the wax in it into a bigger pot that’s stuffed with water. Be careful not to put the temperature of the stove top too high because wax can burn. You can use a thermometer and heat the wax to be around 170-180 degrees. Add the wick to the mold. After the wax is liquefied, you can remove it from the heat source.

You can add one oz of fragrance oil to one pound of wax. This will give you a 6% fragrance concentration. Make sure that you don’t add too much fragrance. While it could seem like the more perfume the better, this is not always the case. You might finish up with pools of liquid in the candle.

Using things like scents and colors gives you much more variation of the things that you can create in your candle making. Would it be great to be ready to give a friend or family member a present of a candle with the essence of relaxation and a calming sent to go together with it? Now you understand a little more about the easy way to make scented candles, you can do it.

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Fragrance Scented Candles
Fragrance Scented Candles

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