Fragrance Oil

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How do you use home fragrance oil?

I received a small bottle of Crabtree and Evelyn home fragrance oil as a gift. Is this safe to put directly on lightbulbs or will it give off a burned lavender odor? How else do you use it to freshen the home?

I agree – don’t put it on the lightbulbs. It could give off a burnt odor or not, but oil and electricity aren’t a great mix! (:

I like the first answer. You can also put a few drops directly on fabric (color and stain test a small area first) such as your sheets, the back area of a curtain, the inside of a lampshade, in between couch cushions, on the inside of hand towels, etc. Anyplace it won’t change/stain the color and/or get on your and guests’ clothing.

And you can use it in potpourri to either refresh scent that’s gone, or in making your own scent with unscented potpourri.

Any way you use it such as the above two, you can refresh every so often by either spritzing with water (safely, electricity off if it’s on a lampshade, lol) or when that stops working, adding a couple more drops.

Fragrance Oil
Fragrance Oil

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