Fragrance Mist Perfume for Women

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I know layering on a fragrance makes it last longer. Do any of u do this? What women’s fragrance is best?

I have lots and lots of perfumes and body sprays, but none seem to last very long. I used to buy these 3 piece fragrance sets from Mary Kay that contained body wash, lotion and sheer fragrance mist (perfume). My favorite set was a scent called Pure Bliss and I’d always get tons of compliments on it and the scent would last several hours, unfortunately the set was discontinued several years back. What other gift sets are available that contain body wash, lotion and perfume that smell really good and last all day (doesn’t have to be Mary Kay, just whatever u use that you’ve gotten compliments on when u used it). I have a budget of about $50 or less to spend. Thanks everybody.
One more thing, I don’t like overpowering flowery fragrances, they give me major headaches. I prefer anything sweet and fruity. I really like vanilla and Vanilla Fields used to be one of my favorites, so something like that. Thanks

I really like mary Kay’s Private Spa Collection because you can mix and match between the sugar scrub (which is awesome!) the body wash, the body lotion and the body spray. Romance and dreams are my favorite scents. Romance is a light floral with a lavendar scent. Dreams remind me of the ocean… Definately not floral, but so good!

I seem to get the most compliments from women when I wear Romance. But, my husband likes Dreams.

Fragrance Mist Perfume For Women
Fragrance Mist Perfume For Women

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