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Best Perfumes for Summer 2009

Author: Gen Wright

There is something inherently special about summer. It can almost be defined as an oxymoron of sorts. It brings with it a sense of relaxation yet excitement. Either way it is the time of year to get outside, enjoy the weather and engage in new hobbies and activities. You wouldn’t wear the same clothes in the summer that you had on in the winter, would you? In the same way you need to find a new scent for your body. You can’t just spray on the same old winter perfume. Here are some of the best summer perfumes that you can choose from to make this summer the best yet.

Lacoste Touch of Pink is by far one of the more popular summer perfumes on the market. It gives off an undeniable sweet and fruity scent that will not overpower anyone in the room or at your company picnic.

Ghost Cherish is an appetizing scent that mixes the light breeze of flowers with a more intense musky smell to give you that perfect summer blend.

Clinique has always been known for their more risky scents when it comes to perfume and their summer perfume Happy Heart is no different. It is light enough to be sprayed on in hot weather yet still gives off a more elegant, traditional smell.

Paul Smith Woman is another flowery summer perfume. It is a very delicate smell that incorporates a touch of violet which makes it perfect if you are going to be basking in the great outdoors.

Kenzo Flower is a more oriental style perfume but still portrays the flowery summer scent that you are after. It is the ideal scent for going out for an after dinner stroll or to an outdoor play in the evening. It is the perfect mixture of light flowers with a noticeable scent.

JLo’s Miami Glow is another very popular summer perfume that you should look into. It is a much more tropical scent rather than just floral and is perfect for late night barbeques or cocktail parties.

Another more tropical scent that can be perfect if you are heading down south is CK One Summer 2009. It provides a mixture of mint and citrus that keeps you smelling delicious without being overpowering.

Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise brings us back to the more floral type summer perfumes. It is a very powerful scent that is described simply as intense. It is perfect for some occasions and a little too heavy for others.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is another fragrance that is perfect for any summer event or occasion. It’s light airiness is divine in summer and it is exceptionally sweet while also having a bit of zesty zip.

Be sure to have a collection of fragrances so that you can use different scents for different occasions.
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DM Fragrances is an online perfume shop selling a wide range of designer fragrances and includes a section dedicated to summer perfume.

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Flowers By Kenzo
Flowers By Kenzo

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