Floating Candles

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Candles add elegance and romance to any wedding reception, especially one held in the evening. A wonderful idea is to create floating candle centerpieces for your reception tables. They are affordable, easy to assemble, and above all, beautiful.

There are an incredible variety of floating candle centerpieces that you can create. One of the best part about them is that they require no previous experience, unlike floral displays. These centerpieces are a great option for any bride who wants to save money by making her own centerpieces. The fact that floating candles are also beautiful and romantic makes it even better.

To design your floating candle centerpieces, the first thing to decide is the style and atmosphere of your wedding reception. These great table toppers can fit in with any type of wedding, from beachy to country to the most formal. It is all a matter of choosing the particular candles and vessels that suit the feeling of your wedding.

Shaped candles are one really neat option, and they are very easy to tie in with your wedding theme. For instance, if you are having a summer wedding in a meadow, floating candles that look like slices of citrus fruit are fresh and pretty. Candles that are shaped like flowers are perfect for a romantic or garden themed wedding, and they are incredibly life-like and come in a huge array of designs. Other popular shapes include hearts, butterflies, and seashells. Simple vessels with wide openings are best for displaying floating candles in special shapes.

For a very elegant or formal wedding, floating candles can be arranged in taller vessels that employ some interesting accessories. For instance, a bride who loves sparkle can add a layer of faux crystals to the bottom of each bowl. It is a beautiful complement to crystal wedding jewelry. If you want even more dramatic centerpieces, think about filling the water with shredded crystal fibers that are colored with submersible lights. This colorful lights create a wonderful glow, and the shimmer of the crystal fibers looks as beautiful as the most dazzling wedding jewelry.

If your style is a bit more low key, there are some other ideas for floating candle centerpieces that you may enjoy. You can find special candelabras which are specially designed for floating candles. They have three or more little vessels atop elegant tall glass bases. Fill each section with a candle for a simple but elegant effect. Color can be added in the form of a floral or ivy garland.

Floating candles can also be used to design centerpieces for earthy weddings. Simply choose vessels like handthrown glazed ceramic pots to hold your candles. White or ivory candles will have a peaceful Zen effect when floating in clusters in shallow bowls with a layer of smooth river rocks under the water. A centerpiece of this style looks great on its own, or used in combination with floral displays.

The perfect centerpiece will help to create a wonderful ambiance for your wedding reception. Floating candles can make fantastic centerpieces that are interesting, romantic, and easy to create. For all of these reasons, you might just find that floating candles will make the ideal centerpieces for your wedding.

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Floating Candles
Floating Candles

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